7 simple ways to be like the prophet Muhammad saw

The most notable man in history, rasulullah saw, was the best in his mannerisms and that what he was mostly known for even by his enemies! So much so that they were fighting against him, while he had their entrusted items with him saw! But we as Muslims, we believe he is the best in everything, worship, belief, strength, courage, even with his wives saw, he was excellent at everything!

To be honest, when Allah says in the Quran to follow him saw, he is the best of examples, i did not realize how overwhelming it is until I tried! But i came to understand that we cannot exactly be like him saw,  we will fail in somethings and be good at others, and he is meant to be an example for all of us.

So I figured I have to think in what way can I really be like him saw without overwhelming myself? 

1. Take small steps
Sounds unusual, but that is one thing about him saw people do not usually talk about! First of all the Quran was sent down to him in 23 years, he memorized it saw, in 23 years, but we try to do that in 6 months, 1 year, if you can that is great but how much of it is in your character? He was reported saw, to have prevented a sahabi from praying all night fasting all day, and reciting the entire Quran a day!

2. SMILE! this is a bit cliché now isn't it? But you know what i learnt about smiling? That it equals good character or at least a great portion of it! I could have written be kind to kin and parent, nice to neighbors and friends, but this is a simple way to keep all your relationships good! Even if you do not say much, give much or visit much, it makes a lot of difference and you never know how!
I remember one evening i was deep in thought(not so good mood)i went out for groceries with my friend and the guy that dropped us at the groceries, he smiled at us when we paid him, I can NOT explain how and why that changed my evening, but I know that he inspired me to smile that day at least to more people despite what was going on in my mind. So smile dear!😁
3. Be sincere First to Allah, yourself, and your environment! On the topic of sincerity I could go miles of paper writing but let's make it simple yeah? Being sincere to Allah beautifies your worship and Iman, to yourself helps you grow, and to your society prevents you from any form of social injustice think about that! Who was more sincere in his worship than rasulullah saw? Aishah ra would report to us how whatever he was doing when the call of prayer was made he would leave! He would be in ZHIKR even when chatting with people.... and of course the most truthful and trustworthy was he saw! So like how he saw declined eating lizard when he was invited saying that this is not something his people (lineage) do not because it's haram, he was sincere to himself and of course in a kind gentle manner! 

4. Acknowledging your sinfulness, He was saw forgiven all his sins, and we do not attribute any sin to him saw, but in the context of his humility saw, i want us to look at our sins in order to reflect! Look he knows he is a prophet, honorable in the sight of Allah,  but it did not get into him, he lived a simple life, and on the other we know our sins and we do not know where we lie in the sight of Allah and we are pomped? By what money? Status? Fame? Sometimes we do not even have this things, but because we want to pretend we do ... I will say it is Not worth it! It is Not! So let us not be of those Allah says they forgot what their hands have sent forward! Remember your sins, your imperfect good deeds, and know that Izza (pride and honor) belongs to Allah! 

 5. Be purposeful and productive 
He saw was said to have walked in a way you will think he was coming down a mountain! He had a sense of purpose even in the way he walked saw! When he would eat, he would give the plate attention sitting up right! When he joined a gathering of youngsters, he  saw would add in between their speech meaningful advice! Allah swt describing the mu'min said " and those whom at lagw(time wasting activity ) turn away!"ؐؐؐؐؐؑؐ

6. Would you be like him saw without patience? Patience is perseverance and forbearance; He was known for his perseverance and forbearance saw! It could get difficult at times to hold in especially when people are knocking off time without number, but i have the simple solution to not getting angry or losing it at people to be from the Quran , when Allah swt was describing servants of Arrahman " and when the ignorant address them they say peace" calm yourself down because you want to be a servant from the servants of Arrahman! Perseverance really deals with situations where things happen you can not handle, or there are tough decisions to make or even to continue this goes back to our sincerity to Allah, ourselves and our community! It very easy to lose yourself in situations like that but if you can remember Allah at that moment,  you will do just fine!
7. Finally, Dua! He used to make Dua for himself saw, and for people every opportunity he gets! He saw even used to pray for you and me! And Allah swt the Lord of the worlds, Master and King of all says He answers the call of every caller! So my dear , you Lord is near, so call and you shall be answered! 
And do not forget to put this sister of yours in your duas!
May Allah make it easy for us to obey Him and His messenger saw! 

Let me know how you feel when you think of rasulullah saw in the comments below!


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